Launched in November, 2019, Dragon Glass Bridge has become viral in travellers for its extraodinary design. This highest sky bridge in Vietnam and Southest Asia is widely called Cloud Bridge thanks to its height of 2.200 meters above the sea level, from where you can literally touch the clouds.

Located on O Quy Ho Pass, one of the most alluring passes in the Northwest, the Glass Bridge is accessible from its neighbor sites such as Silver Waterfall and Heaven Gate. 

On arriving at the site, you will be instructed to enter a modern crystal elevator by passing the rock tunnel. The ride takes only 4 to 10 minutes depends on the weather. As you reach the sky bridge, you will be amazed by its exquisiteness. Beside experience this freaking high bridge, there are other worth trying activities, typically are cafe area and stunning check-in points.

Furthermore, the extra services like bungee jumping, zipline and parasite will be put into operation shortly. 

This bridge with a glass base can be a little scary when looking straight down the cliff but is indeed an exotic experience. In addition, the journey from the foot of the mountain to the height of 2,200m above sea level by the system of transparent glass elevator allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and forests, especially one of the four greatest passes in Vietnam - O Quy Ho Pass.

One of the "virtual life" photography scenes that everyone should not miss is on the glass bridge with views of the mountains, the sea of clouds, O Quy Ho pass... Moreover, if your visit is in cloudy season or at sunset moments, the pictures will be extremely magical. In addition, the "adventurous" photos on transparent glass are also worth showing to your friends.